Maths A level Network Meetings

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  Maths A Level Network 

The Hatton Teaching School Alliance A level maths Network is aimed at both new and experienced A level Maths teachers.

The sessions are hosted by Beverly Dutt, an experienced Maths Teacher at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy who has successfully improved and sustained the attainment level of A level maths in the school, which uses the Edexcel syllabus.

The network aims to be a collaborative and supportive way for teachers to be able improve the quality of learning and teaching across all participating schools. They are an opportunity to share best practice, to ask for support and advice on any area of the A level syllabus and help to develop subject knowledge.

The meetings take place in Hatton Teaching School Alliance’s dedicated training centre starting at 4pm.

All schools have the opportunity to suggest topics for discussion. However, over the course of the year the following topics will be discussed:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Developing Further Maths as a taught A level
  • Raising attainment (and ALPs scores) for A level maths
  • Guidance for the new 2017 syllabus

Sessions Available

22nd September 2016

1st December 2016

Meeting to discuss start to the new year / year 12 intervention / sharing of resources

CPD: ‘Standardised methods for teaching top sets for GCSE to A level progression’

This could be taken to your schools and shared with colleagues on a training day.

CPD: Statistics

Statistics is an area raised as requiring CPD. Particular topic areas of concern can be raised in advance, otherwise the session will focus on topics that will feature in the 2017 syllabus (not necessarily in current S1)

23rd February 2017

29th June 2017:

CPD: New topics to A level for 2017

CPD: New topics to A level for 2017

Cost £15 per session or £50 for the year

Discounts apply for Teaching Alliance members


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