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Challenging topics in the new GCSE: developing updated teaching approaches to match the new landscape


These afternoon session takes place at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy’s dedicated training centre on three dates:

  1. 14th March 2018
  2. 16th May 2018
  3. 27th June 2018

What is involved?
The Work Group will meet three times. Participants will agree to focus on one (or more) challenging topics.
Work Groups will develop and share teaching activities and approaches designed to have immediate impact with KS4 students.
Work Groups will also develop and share teaching activities for KS3 students which better prepare them for the chosen topic.
Participants will evaluate the success of the activities and approaches


Refreshments will be available

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For more details or any queries, please:
Email: hawkinsl@hattonacademy.org.uk
Call the Teaching School  on 01933 221424