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Sir Christopher Hatton Academy has a proven track record in providing outstanding teacher training.

If you’re considering returning to teaching, or you’re qualified to teach but never taught in a state school, the transition may be easier than you expect. Whether you left to bring up a family or explore a different career, there’s lots of support available to help you become one of the thousands of teachers each year who come back to a profession where you can make a real difference every day.

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy’s Lead Physics Practitioner, Dr Abigail Bell returned to teaching after a career break with her children. She explains how the supportive return to teaching programme enabled her to successfully return to teaching and how her career has flourished ever since.

Some 8-10,000 former teachers return to teaching every year. Whether you have taken time out to raise a family or want to return to teaching after a career change you have a wealth of valuable skills and experiences to offer pupils and schools.

There are no longer any government restrictions or teacher training requirements for returners to the classroom. In some ways this is good news as it gives teachers more flexibility, however it’s important to remember that there will have been changes to the curriculum and the way that schools are ran. Jumping in at the deep end is not advised.

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“I tried working part-time,” explains Dr Bell, “but by the time I had one child in nursery and another starting school, the logistics of the morning run just became too much. Leaving teaching to focus on my family made sense.”

But when Abigail was told last year that a nearby academy was in need of a physics teacher, she decided to reconsider her options.

“A friend encouraged me to go to visit Hatton. I wasn’t really that interested in a job right away, but I went to look around out of curiosity,” she recalls. “I was so impressed with the pupils and staff that I met, that I agreed to start working there on the spot!”

Physics teachers are currently in demand and some schools are able to accommodate a tailored timetable for those who want to return to the professions, but need to plan their hours around family commitments.

“Hatton was brilliant about making my working hours flexible to begin with, so that I was able to do the school run and just come in to teach the physics lessons,” Abigail says.

Thanks to this understanding, Abigail knows that she can make a real impact at Hatton without being overwhelmed.

“Physics teachers are in more demand than ever. There are plenty of schools out there with a need for physics specialist teachers, so I feel like I am really making a difference on a daily basis.”

She has also been able to rapidly advance her career in a short space of time.

“In less than a year, I became a Lead practitioner. I get to mentor PGCSE and NQT students, as well as other colleagues. Leading Physics has allowed me to develop the subject within the school, taking a group of pupils to the particle accelerator in CERN, Switzerland. I am very busy with my new full-time role but enjoying every minute of it.”


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