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Claire Bishop

I am the Research and Development Co-ordinator for Hatton Teaching School. I put together regular journals to promote and encourage research and development in schools. I am also the Head of Sociology and Politics.

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Vicki Cook

I am the Research Co-ordinator for the Hatton Teaching School.  I work alongside Claire to promote research within schools.  I am also working towards a research-based Masters with Warwick University.  Research is an important way for us to develop our schools as well as our own practice.  I will be writing fortnightly research in brief documents – summaries of research journals that give the main points and ways to use them in your own practice.  As well as this, I am going to be helping the school work towards an NFER Research Mark.

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The journals include a number of different features including:

  • Interviews with current academic experts about teaching and learning/continued professional development
  • Summaries of current journal articles that you might not have access to/time to read
  • Action Research updates from members of staff and research projects the school is involved with
  • Information about research methods/ways to develop practice

If you have any ideas about what we should be including in the journal, would like to contribute to the content, or if you are doing some action research of your own within school or outside of school and would like to have your findings published in the journal please let us know.


Embedded Research and Development at Hatton

At Sir Christopher Hatton we value all staff and acknowledge the important role they play in raising standards across the academy. It is important that all staff experienced and those that are new to the profession have the opportunity to develop and embed outstanding practice both within their teams and across the academy. The Reflective Practice CPD programme has been developed to allow staff to research, experiment and observe best practice, which will inform pedagogy and improve the outcomes of students at Sir Christopher Hatton.

The programme is designed to engage staff in the most recent educational research. Staff experiment with teaching and learning ideas during ‘open door weeks’ where they observe colleagues across the academy and reflect in teams on what has been seen to inform their own pedagogy. The sessions also allow staff to carry out small scale research into teaching methods and share these with staff across the wider academy.

The sessions form part of the compulsory CPD programme for all staff at the academy, staff are required to complete action planning documents and will share finding with the staff body during a celebration evening at the end of the academic year.

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