Research Journals

We put together regular journals to promote and encourage research and development in schools. The journals include a number of different features including:

  • Interviews with current academic experts about teaching and learning/continued professional development
  • Summaries of current journal articles that you might not have access to/time to read
  • Action Research updates from members of staff and research projects the school is involved with
  • Information about research methods/ways to develop practice

If you have any ideas about what we should be including in the journal, would like to contribute to the content, or if you are doing some action research of your own within school or outside of school and would like to have your findings published in the journal please let us know.

  1. The Behaviour Edition (click title to view/download)
    This edition includes an interview with Sue Cowley, author and teacher, short thinkpieces on behaviour management from experienced and new teachers across settings and a book review of Sue Cowley’s ‘Getting the Biggers to Behave!’ by Claire Bishop.
  2. The Feedback Edition (click title to view/download)
    In this edition, we have a foreword from the new Editorial Board and an interview with Professor Toby Greany from the Institute of Education, UCL. Keren Gunn (English Teacher at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy) explores how the use of marking and feedback aids post-16 teaching and Hatton’s Director of Research Claire Bishop explains how using blogs can inform practice. This is followed by Teacher Blogs from Nikki Kaiser and Mark Enser on the various methods of classroom feedback. Daisy Christodoulou’s ‘Making Good Progress?’ is reviewed by Gavin Stanger and finally, updates and events from the Hatton Teaching School Alliance.
  3. The Ambition Edition (click title to view/download)
    The Ambition Edition of The Journal for the Hatton Teaching School Alliance explores the way in which we can continue to develop our practice or prepare for the next step in our careers today. With a focus on women’s journeys in educational leadership we are exploring the different paths travelled by some of our own leaders, CEO Victoria Bishop, Vice Principal, Clare Raku, Heads of Faculty Tanzela Ali and Bijal Joshi (Science and Maths). We also look at having a whole school responsibility by asking Rebecca Catlin to share her views about being Gifted and Talented Coordinator and get a taste of the pastoral side of leadership with VI Form leader Rebecca Heaney.
  4. The Challenge Edition  (click title to view/download)
    In this edition teachers from the Hatton Teaching School Alliance share their experiences of how to challenge pupils in lessons using the Bar Model in Mathematics (Stephanie Bolton) and Socratic Questioning in English (Ben Coleman and Rebecca Catlin). Also featured is a frank account of dealing with challenging behaviour (Claire Bishop) and an easy to follow guide to pushing Gifted and Talented students across all subjects (Rebecca Catlin). The brilliant Mary Myatt has answered our questions about ‘High Challenge, Low Threat’ leadership and has kindly shared a chapter of her successful book of the same title, with us in the journal, which has been reviewed by Nick Salisbury. To help us deal with the challenge of time limits within subjects, Keren Gunn reviews Making Every Lesson Count by Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby. We also update our readers about the LLG Pilot scheme the teaching school is actively involved with.
  5. The Action Research Edition (click title to view/download)
    In this edition, we have articles by members of teaching staff at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy. Tanzela Ali, Head of Science explores the way in which she can best use subject knowledge quizzes to improve the way in which her pupils learn and retain knowledge. Her practical guide helps us to understand how to make the most out of quizzes and demonstrates how something as simple as a score out of ten can have a big impact on how our pupils learn. Gabriella Berrill, a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) in the English department shares her Masters level research exploring the ways in which formative assessment can best be used in the classroom. Hatton’s Senior Assistant Principal responsible for MAT Raising Standards and Outcome, Gavin Stanger, writes a reflective piece exploring the ways in which academic mentoring can be developed throughout the school. Finally, Claire Bishop’s first action research piece for the journal will explore how to promote a balance of support and challenge within her Year 12 Sociology classes.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute to the upcoming journals, please contact Claire Bishop (

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